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    "I'm so excited! I wrote an affiliate post on a keyword that Shelley specifically suggested to me on a 1-on-1 call.
    It went live just a few weeks ago, and today, I got a sale from that post where my cut is $166!
    Wooooo! Legit feel on cloud nine!

    Stephanie R.

    Travel Blogger

    ❓ WHY IS coaching CLOSED RIGHT NOW?

    In short, too many people signed up! While this is not a bad problem to have, I'm just one person β€” so for now, I had to close sign-ups.​
    I hope to re-open my private coaching soon
    🀞 but for now, I don't have a date.


    ❓ What do you get out of 1 on 1 coaching?

    My money-making eyes right on your blog so that I can identify your blind-spots, including:

    1️⃣ Why you aren't making money with affiliate marketing β€” and how to start.

    2️⃣ How you tweak your existing content so that you can start making money ASAP.

    3️⃣ Strategies to determine the money-making affiliate marketing blog posts you need to write ASAP.


    Then make sure you sign-up to get on the waitlist. My sessions sell out fastπŸ’¨ and once they're gone, it's hard to say when they re-open.